March was a busy month, but one I enjoyed tremendously.

I had the great privilege of spending a day with the primary students at Northholm Grammar School. The librarians made to feel very welcome, which was quite remarkable considering the library itself had been flooded due to torrential rain! We shared lots of laughs and got down to some serious writing in the afternoon. Thanks, Lyn Pellizon, for being such a generous host.

Following Northholm, I presented to teacher-librarians from the Illawarra region. I spoke about my creative processes, as well as the importance of short stories. It was wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic, dynamic and passionate librarians! Thanks, Beth and Paul at the Children’s Bookshop, for putting on such a great morning.

One of the things I love about being an author is getting out and about and enjoying the scenery. I stayed in Orangeville for a night and was treated to a beautiful sunset and sunrise.

The night at Orangeville was prompted by a two-day visit to Wollondilly Anglican College. There, Belinda Murrell and I acted as writers-in-residence to run workshops for the students in the primary years. We met some enthusiastic writers and were made to feel like rock stars. It was very cool being able to watch Belinda interact with her legion of fans. Thanks, Gail, for your warm hospitality and superb organisation.

I also had the privilege working with students in years 3 and 5 at Abbotsleigh. Was my mind blown? Yes! The students produced some stunning snippets of writing, some of which I had to take photos of. We enjoyed lots of laughs during the presentations, then got down to business with 7 workshops across two days. I’m looking forward to visiting Abbotsleigh again in September to work with students in years 4 and 6.

March was also filled with editing two books – Exploding Endings 4 and the first book in a brand new series, as well as drafting another new book. I have some very exciting news to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!