The release of Exploding Endings: Screenshots & Laughing Gas is just around the corner, which means it’s book trailer time. And to celebrate the trailer, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Evan Bonser – my video partner in crime – and tell you a bit about our process.

Firstly, I hope you have a chance to enjoy the trailer for EE4.

Step 1: THE CONCEPT: We’ll sit down and chat, and I’ll share my vision for the trailer. Evan will throw questions into the conversation we’ll refine the ideas until we’re both happy with the direction we want to take.

Step 2: THE SCRIPT: I’ll plot out the main shots and any character dialogue required. The trailer for EE1 was quite tricky in this sense due to the mockumentary style of the film – multiple characters had multiple lines. You can watch the trailer for EE1 here.

Step 3. CASTING: Depending on the scale of the trailer, I’ll do some scouting for a cast. It may be through people I know, a call out on social media, or through a competition. The trailer for EE2 was the most difficult to cast because we required a whole classroom of children. The end result is fantastic, and the children did an incredible job acting out their parts with minimal dialogue. I often use this video in school visits to highlight the fact that it’s possible to tell a story based on actions and body language. You can watch the trailer for EE2 here.

Step 4. THE SHOOT: This is always the most stressful part for me. I’ll quickly rehearse with the actors while Evan lines up the shot. It’s my job to make sure everyone is where they should be, as well as check that we’re following the script. Evan will calmly shoot the video and get a bit of extra footage for safety. We’ll occasionally break away from the script if we think of something better on the day. We may also need to add in separate audio, recording on microphone only.

Step 5. EDITING: This is where Evan is in his element. He’ll piece the footage together and add in music, effects and credits.

Step 6. THE UPLOAD: Once we’re happy with the final product, I’ll add the video to my YouTube channel and share links on social media.

Book trailers are a wonderful way to promote interest in an upcoming book. With YouTube being such a powerhouse search engine (over 3 billion searches per month!), trailers are a great way to spread the word about your books. Trailers also add a lovely visual element to your website and social media platforms.

I hope you enjoy the trailer for EE4!